Open Data portals around Europe: Unveiling Belgium's open data landscape |
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Eurooppalaisen datan virallinen portaali

Open Data portals around Europe: Unveiling Belgium's open data landscape

Exploring the data portals and tools shaping Belgium's digital future

Belgium presents a diverse array of open data portals, each serving as a gateway to a wealth of information. With numerous regional platforms like in the Brussels-Capital Region and the Flanders data portal, Belgium offers a rich landscape of open data resources. Central to this ecosystem is Belgium's Open Data Portal, serving as the primary federal data hub and offering a comprehensive collection of datasets from federal, regional, and local authorities, as well as businesses.

At the heart of Belgium's Open Data Portal lies a vast depository of resources, including over 10 000 datasets across 14 categories and multiple languages. This wealth of information empowers users to delve into diverse topics and extract valuable insights for research, analysis, and decision-making.

Among the tools available are innovative applications aimed at monitoring air quality. Examples include Plume Air ReportAircheckr, and BreezoMeter, which offer real-time updates on pollution levels and personalised recommendations to minimise exposure to harmful substances in the air. These applications not only serve as invaluable resources for individuals concerned about air quality but also showcase the potential of open data to drive innovation and tackle pressing societal challenges. By harnessing the power of data, Belgium's Open Data Portal exemplifies the transformative power of transparency and accessibility in government services.

Moreover, the portal's commitment to openness and collaboration underscores its role in fostering efficiency and accountability in government operations. By making data readily available for reuse in innovative products and services, Belgium's Open Data Portal paves the way for a more transparent and efficient governance model, ultimately benefiting citizens and businesses alike.

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