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Canary Islands Open Data Portal receives ASEDIE Award

Acknowledging their transparency in making public sector data available

The Canary Islands Open Data Portal, a Spanish regional data portal, received the 2021 ASEDIE Award for its transparency in making public sector data available. The award acknowledges the portal’s active involvement in the promotion of open data and transparent ecosystems and its pivotal role in the provision of relevant information to citizens and companies.

ASEDIE is a multisectoral information association that brings together infomediary companies from different sectors to publish data and promote its use and re-use. Their mission is to provide the information to support companies in creating their value-adding products and services. This increases competition and helps drive the economy. 

The Canary Islands Open Data Portal received the award at the 13th International Conference on the Re-use of Public Sector Information in November 2021. These conferences strengthen the relationship and foster collaboration between the public and private sector. This year’s edition focused specifically on "Transparency and Data Re-use to Drive Growth". The event offered much room for debate with two round tables on (1) the topic of transparency, and (2) the re-use of public sector information and open government. Through these debates, the impact and importance of collaboration to boost the data economy in Spain was emphasised.

"Transparency is an antidote to corruption. It requires a proactive action", according to the Senator of the Spanish People’s Party, Teresa Ruiz-Sillero.

Curious to learn more? Have a look at the recording of the conference.

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