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Ključna je predanost Europskog portala podataka istraživanju otvorenih podataka i učenju o njima. U ovom ćete odjeljku pronaći cjelovitu kolekciju rezultata istraživanja koji su projektom razvijeni od njegova početka pa sve do najnovijih izvješća i uspješne vježbe izrade pejzaža zrelosti otvorenih podataka koju provodimo na godišnjoj osnovi. Osim toga, nudimo odabir relevantnih istraživanja i radova drugih institucija.

Country insights

Country Insights

This section provides insights into the status of open data in European countries. The section includes information about countries' national open data portal, the level of open data maturity, use cases, catalogues, events, reports, news, webinars, and interviews about open data.

Open data impact

Open Data Impact

The 2020 report on the Economic Impact of Open Data researches the value created by open data in Europe. It is the second study by the European Data Portal, following the 2015 report. The study forecasts the open data market size and the employment growth for 2025. Impact is exemplified by efficiency gains and cost savings due to open data.

Open data maturity

Open Data Maturity

A series of indicators have been selected to measure open data maturity across Europe. These indicators cover the level of development of national policies promoting open data, an assessment of the features made available on national data portals as well as the expected impact of open data.



A collection of papers that discuss various relevant topics around open data, such as barriers in working with open data, high-value datasets, and business-to-government data sharing.

Use cases

Use Cases

This part of the portal contains use cases from both publishers and re-users of open data. The use cases provided below are gathered via the 'Tell us your story' form on the portal or shared with us by other contacts. This section of the portal will grow over time.