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EDP B2G data sharing competition

Pitch your data sharing initiatives

Sharing data between businesses and governments (B2G) is getting more and more vital. Public sector bodies need to modernise the way they function and exploit the potential of new data sources to become more data-driven and cost-efficient. Data held by companies, such as telecoms operators, online platforms, car manufacturers, retailers or social media, is highly relevant in this context. Its use can, for example, lead to a more targeted response to epidemics improving public health, better urban planning, improved road safety and traffic management, as well as better environmental protection, market monitoring or consumer protection.

To gain further insight in B2G data sharing, the European Data Portal calls for project submissions in the framework of the EDP B2G data sharing competition.

Pitch your public-private data sharing initiative - being it a use case, a start-up or a consolidated business, etc. - to the EDP via mail, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. By participating you will be contributing to our research in this field, and, if successful, your B2G work will be featured in our future publications on the subject. Deadline for submissions is the 15 November 2018.

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