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French region launches Open Data platform

Grand Est opens up

Philippe Richert, President of the Grand Est region in France, announced the launch of a regional Open Data platform at the end of January. This portal will make it possible to disseminate public data of the whole Grand Est region on one and the same platform,

A strong objective of this approach is to ensure that companies take up the benefit of this initiative, enabling them to develop new services and applications to make the Grand Est region a powerful and innovative region. More than just a platform, is a true societal tool. It is expected to contribute to two major challenges:

  • a democratic challenge: to transform the relationship between citizens and the institution and thus improve the readability of regional missions,
  • a socio-economic challenge: the quality and quantity of available data may prompt companies in the Grand Est region to develop services and applications.

Interested in reading more about this promising initiative? More information about the initiative can be found on the website of the Grand Est Region.

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