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Happy New Year!

The EDP team looks back to an eventful year and is excited for 2021

The team behind the European Data Portal (EDP) wishes you all the best for 2021!

Looking back on 2020, the EDP team had a challenging and eventful year with lots of inspiring open data conferences, webinars and reports. Although adjustments needed to be made due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the EDP team witnessed a wealth of open data initiatives and strong engagement from the open data community. In 2021, we look forward to another exciting year of discussing and sharing knowledge around open data news, use cases and trends.

As a sneak peek ahead, in 2021 the EDP will:

  • Publish an analytical report on Data Supply and Demand in January.
  • Publish an analytical report around geospatial open data in March.
  • Publish an analytical report around the top performers of the Open Data Maturity 2020 Report in April.
  • Host a Data Talks session to discuss the Open Data Maturity 2020 Report in January.
  • Host a Data Talks session with the Italian and the French Open Data Portals in February and March respectively.
  • Continue to share open data news and use cases and speak with you through social media and at events.

Want to start planning the new year? Explore open data events throughout Europe on the EDP Calendar! If you are aware of any upcoming events or news pieces that you think we should cover this year, share your ideas via mailTwitterFacebook or LinkedIn.

For now, we wish you a very happy new year and hope to collaborate further you in 2021!

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