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A New Framework for Free Movement of Data in the Digital Age

New Publication by the Lisbon Council

On 13 May 2017, the Lisbon Council - a Brussels-based think tank and policy network - published its Policy Brief "Making Europe a Data Economy: A New Framework for Free Movement of Data in the Digital Age".

The report deals with questions related to Europe's competitiveness and leadership in the global data economy as well as how the most important advances in data analytics can be made more accessible for citizens, public administrations, businesses and civil society organisations.

The study elaborates on the importance of a free movement of data in Europe, in particular its relevance in the context of the Digital Single Market. The authors explore an array of state-of-the-art proposals for facilitating data flows and propose a roadmap for improving the free movement of data in Europe, consisting of three action points: 1) Implementation of the "Once-only Principle" across Europe and the promotion of greater interoperability for national databases; 2) Strengthening of cybersecurity and removal of barriers to data flow across Europe; 3) Development of new frameworks for data sharing which make better use of the co-ownership principle.

The policy brief was officially launched during the Digital Single Market Conference that took place in Tallinn on 17 July, by Paul Hofheinz, president of the Lisbon Council and co-author of the study. The policy report can be accessed online on the Lisbon Council's website.

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