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Register for the first European Statistics Awards on Web Intelligence!

Participate in the Deduplication Challenge to help improve the production of European Statistics and solve a real-world situation.

Eurostat has launched the European Statistics Awards Programme to foster engagement with the innovation community. Additionally, competitions in the fields of Nowcasting and Web Intelligence are also launched to identify promising methodologies that could improve the production of European statistics.

The first European Statistics Award for Web Intelligence is a Deduplication Challenge, which was launched in December 2022. The focus of the challenge is to identify potential duplicate Online Job Advertisements (OJA) on websites. By addressing a real-world situation, this challenge aims to facilitate the production of high quality statistics from OJA.

The Deduplication Challenge aims to devise an automated solution to prevent double counting of OJA. Interested teams can register themselves till 1 March 2023 and prospective deadlines for the submissions are 31 March 2023 or 16 April 2023 depending on the kind of award chosen.

Interested teams, of up to five members who meet the eligibility criteria, are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement to get access to 112k OJA datasets and submit their scripts to compete to win up to a maximum of €23 000, by winning all three categories.

Teams will be judged on two dimensions:

  • accuracy of their script models
  • plausible replication of their methods for European statistical production

In addition, teams will be given an opportunity to disseminate their work through Eurostat communication channels and present their work at Eurostat events.

To find out more details on the European Statistical Awards Programme, you can send an e-mail to

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