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Unleashing innovation in Business Intelligence, Data and Analytics

EDP's Dinand Tinholt discussed open data, data sharing and AI in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

On 28 and 29 March, the summit Unleashing Innovation in Business Intelligence (BI), Data and Analytics took place in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The summit aimed to bring together cross-industry leaders to discuss key trends and innovative approaches to BI and data for businesses. The event discussed topics such as:

  • From information to transformation: How advanced analytics can transform the enterprise.
  • Turning information into value: Applying informatics to manage, measure, and monetise your data assets.
  • Business intelligence driving enterprise strategy: Providing strategic guidance and execution support across the business.
  • Beyond data protection: Making the most of compliance requirements like GDPR to drive the value of data.
  • Data as the beating heart of the innovation enterprise: How to create a culture of innovation from within your data executive role.

European Data Portal's (EDP) Dinand Tinholt attended the conference and spoke about how data analytics can help manage the refugee flows in Germany, about different European initiatives to leverage open data for innovation, the need to stimulate innovation through data sharing and the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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