Watch the recording of the webinar ‘Understanding open data: legal openness` |
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Watch the recording of the webinar ‘Understanding open data: legal openness`

The material of our third webinar for data providers is now on data.europa academy

The webinar ‘Understanding open data: legal openness’ was held on 18 November 2022. This was the third webinar of the data.europa academy series dedicated to data providers and focused on what data openness entails from a legal perspective and how it can be optimally achieved. The goal of the webinar was not to provide purely theoretical legal training, but also to identify best practices and resources that data providers can use to achieve openness and to realise when openness cannot be achieved.  

In the first part of the webinar, Hans Graux, lawyer at Timelex, provided an introduction on how to translate the ‘openness philosophy’ to the legal environment and focused on the EU Member States’ approach to it. He explained the tools and best practices for data providers, such as transferring of Intellectual Property rights, moral rights policies, as well model licences. He also cited practical examples of openness via APIs and of EU Member States’ licences used to share open data.

In the second part of the webinar, the floor was given to Jean-Paul Triaille, legal officer at the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre in the unit for intellectual property. Firstly, he explained the European Commission’ s approach to legal openness, especially in relation to documents, data, software, scientific articles. In this respect, Jean-Paul elaborated in particular on the scope of the legal decision to reuse documents and went through the six creative commons licences. Secondly, he explained the concept of copyright by using the example of the copyright notice of the EU Council´s website.

To learn more about the insights of this webinar, including the interactive Q&A session, you can watch the recording and consult the slides here on data.europa academy ‘Learning corner for data providers’.

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