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Explore our Open Data use cases

How do you use Open Data?

With Open Data on nearly all subjects, it serves as a source of information for many applications, purposes or services. These examples of Open Data re-use further emphasise, enhance the versatility and show the opportunities offered by Open Data. However despite the widespread use and diversity of Open Data applications, it can sometimes be difficult to present an interesting example of a product or service which uses Open Data. As tangible examples are the best way to spread awareness of the Open Data benefits, the European Data Portal collects and showcases a broad range of Open Data use cases. Helping the Open Data community to create a common awareness of the possiblities and which examples are available.

Use Cases

At the moment, there are more than 100 Open Data use cases avaiable on the portal and this number keeps on growing. The cases cover numerous subjects, ranging from applications providing advice on traffic in Norway or Estonia to the nutrituional value of your food in Finland. While most of these use cases come from Europe, the collection is not confined to this continent with global or American use cases as well.

Your story?

With the diversity in the use cases, you never have to look far when searching for good examples of how Open Data can be used. This can help you make a stronger case, both to encourage your organisation to use Open Data or when asking your public administration to release more of it. Do you already use Open Data and want people to use your application as an example? Tell us your story and we will include you in our collection as well! Do you want to explore our Open Data use cases yourself? You can find all of them by following the link below.

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