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Welcome to the ‘Open Data Cafe’: our new podcast!

Explore more about open data in our first podcast series

Have you ever thought how important open data is in today's world? Are you curious about its practical applications and the challenges around it? Would you like to know what's coming next in the world of open data? Well, you are in for a treat with our six-episode podcast series on data.europa.eu! Grab your cup of coffee, or tea, and join our ‘Open Data Cafe’ podcast, designed to take you on a journey to discover open data.  

The series aims to help you grasp the importance of open data in today's ever-changing landscape. In each episode, an expert in the field of open data is invited to have an informal chat with data.europa.eu about a specific open data-related topic. From exploring the fundamental concept of open data and its relevance, to shedding light on the pivotal role of data.europa.eu, each episode provides you with a better understanding of the diverse applications of open data in real-world scenarios. The podcast explores how we can use open data in practical ways, showcasing how it can bring many benefits to different areas, such as public procurement and agriculture. 

Today we kick-off with the very first in a series of six episodes, released on a weekly basis. The first episode introduces the topic of open data and its various waves that, over time, have transformed open data into both a movement and an artifact.  

Listen to our first episode already available on YouTube, Spotify, and SoundCloud. More information on the podcast and the upcoming episodes can be found here.  

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