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Join the second webinar for data providers on 21 October

Technical openness and moving from closed to open formats

Open data needs to be technically and legally open, and ideally available in bulk in a machine-readable format. This means that published data should be available in electronic file formats or as API that are machine-readable and non-proprietary, so anyone can access and use the data using common, freely available software tools.

For this purpose, data providers should be able to answer questions such as: What is the format into which we should transform datasets? What is the quality of this data? How can we move from closed to open formats?

The data.europa academy’s webinar ‘Understanding open data: technical openness’ aims to help data providers to shed light on such questions.

In particular, the webinar, which will take place on Friday, 21 October at 10.00 – 11.30 CET, will be targeting data providers interested in improving the quality of their data, opening up further data and making it available in the best format for reuse.

Very much linked to data and metadata quality, the webinar will guide participants through the principle of technical openness and the data management process to move from closed to open formats. 

Interested to learn more? Please register via this form!

This webinar is the second of a series of trainings aimed to support data provider in the data publishing process. For more information about the upcoming webinars, visit data.europa academy’s ‘Learning corner for data providers’ and follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, or subscribe to our newsletter.


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