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Learn about the key highlights of the webinar ‘Stories of use cases: Open data and a new push for European democracy’

Discover the open data initiatives that strengthen Europe’s new push for democracy

On Friday 26 May 2023, the data.europa academy hosted the webinar ‘Stories of use cases: Open data and a new push for European democracy’. This was the third webinar in the series ‘Stories of use cases’, where open data-driven initiatives share their stories on how open data supports them in aligning to the European Commission’s political priorities 2019-2024. This session focused on a new push for European democracy.

To address its main challenges, the European Union has defined six priorities for the political and policy agenda until 2024. Initiatives in light of the priority ‘a new push for European democracy’ aim to nurture, strengthen, and protect a European democracy. Standing together as Europe, a unity is formed based on shared democratic values: commitment to fundamental human rights; the protection of a free and independent press; upholding the rule of law; and equality between women and men, rural and urban, young and old. In alignment with the priority, and to tackle the social, economic and governmental challenges, this webinar presented two open data driven initiatives.

The webinar started with an introduction to the political priorities followed by presentations from two use cases. First, EU Integrity Watch presented their tool for data-driven advocacy. The audience was shown where to find interactive databases on Commission and MEP lobby meetings, EU lobbyists and MEP side incomes all in a user-friendly format to empower citizens, journalists, and civil society in enhancing EU political integrity. Second, the Institute for Development of Freedom of Information presented Georgia’s Open Data Lab. Using open data, they strive for government accountability and make an impact through various initiatives that  promote the use of and access to open data. The webinar concluded with a panel discussion where questions were answered and insights were shared on how open data aligns with the respective political priorities.

To learn more about the insights from this webinar, you can watch the recording and consult the slides on data.europa academy.  Stay tuned for our fourth and final webinar in this series of use cases on EU political priorities, which will highlight a Europe fit for the digital age.

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