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Empowering Europe's workforce: The impact of the European Year of Skills and open data initiatives

Driving economic growth and innovation through skills development and data accessibility

The European Year of Skills is an initiative of the European Union to tackle skills gaps and reinforce the EU skills strategy. This initiative seeks to equip individuals with the necessary skills for quality jobs while aiding small and medium enterprises in adapting to evolving workforce demands. Starting on 9 May 2023, the Year saw a multitude of events, this year with a focus on green and digital transitions. 

How does it work? The European Year of Skills enhances workforce capabilities and drives economic growth by promoting investment in training, aligning skills development with employer needs, and facilitating opportunities in the job market. Additionally, it attracts skilled individuals from outside the EU to bolster Europe's workforce and foster innovation, ultimately cultivating a highly skilled and adaptable workforce to meet future challenges.

The Year facilitated skill-building activities across Europe, offering opportunities to acquire, enhance, and align skills with job market demands. This focus was underscored by six key skills, including digital skills.  As highlighted in our data story, more than 90 % of jobs in Europe require basic digital knowledge, but approximately 32 % of Europeans still lack basic digital skills. Given the pervasive role of digital technology, there is a growing emphasis on the importance of measuring and enhancing digital skills across the EU.

In an era where data plays a central role across various sectors, open data initiatives complement the European Year of Skills by providing valuable insights into skill demands, training opportunities, and workforce trends. Accessible datasets enable individuals to make informed decisions regarding skills development and employment strategies. Explore open data resources to discover key trends, identify emerging skill needs, and align training programs with industry demands. Together, the European Year of Skills and open data initiatives contribute to fostering a skilled workforce ready to thrive in a rapidly evolving economic landscape. Join us in harnessing the power of data for a more skilled and resilient Europe.

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