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What can you learn from the Open Data Maturity top performers of 2021?

Join the best practices webinar on Thursday 17 March

In light of the recent situation in Ukraine, we have updated the text of this news piece after publication. The Ukrainian open data team is one of the top performers but is not able to speak at the event. We hope to host them at the data.europa academy in the future.

What can you learn from the top performers of the Open Data Maturity assessment of 2021? Find out during the upcoming webinar on open data best practices on Thursday 17 March. The webinar will host two European countries that showed impressive growth in their open data maturity score of the last two years: Estonia and Slovenia.

Last year’s report showed how European countries have grown in terms of open data maturity with many great examples of open data re-use and improved open data portals. Data.europa.eu has interviewed the open data teams of Estonia, Slovenia, and Ukraine and based on those insights, a report on open data best practices will soon be published.

What did these European countries do to reach peak performance in terms of open data policy, impact, portal, or quality? And what learnings do they offer for others looking to do the same?

Following the report, we will host a webinar on open data best practices where these questions will be answered. The two high-growth countries will present the backbone of their open data practices and host a Q&A where you can ask your questions.

Register to join the webinar to discover best practices and get practical advice for publishing your data.

Curious to learn more about the content of the webinar? Have a look at the reports on best practices of the top-performing countries we published in 2018 and 2019.

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