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Blog post on how open data helps Ukraine during the war

Arguments from Ukrainians on the continued value of open data, published on

Before the Russian invasion in February 2022, Ukraine had already made great progress to develop their open-data practices. Open data had been used in Ukraine to fight corruption, grow the economy and build a democratic society. In the 2021 edition of the annual open data maturity assessment, Ukraine was identified as a European trend-setter. In 2021-2022, more than two million unique users worldwide visited the Unified State Open Data portal,, managed by the Ministry of Digital Transformation. 

Currently, access to both and the local portals of some cities are limited. Nevertheless, open data still plays a role in the current crisis. Intelligence based on open sources are used to get a better understanding of the war in Ukraine (you can read the data story on open-source intelligence for more information). Open data is also used to develop tools that help the Ukrainian government, citizens and companies during the war, such as Ruassets developed by, YouControl which checks connections of international and Ukrainian companies that have connections with Russian and Belarussian assets.  

In this blog article, open data experts Kateryna Onyiliogwu and Mykhailo Kornieiev – head of the open data department in the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine – explain more about these tools and how open data helps Ukraine during the war. 

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