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  • Discover the results of the study “Monitoring the Open Access Policy” (MOAP)

    To make scientific breakthroughs possible and tackle complex issues, we need collaborative and open science.  The European Commission’s (EC) programme Horizon 2020 was created to fund projects contributing to scientific openness. How well has it achieved its goal? How open are the data and the research created by Horizon 2020 funded projects?

    What is Horizon 2020?

    The EC’s ... mai multe

  • This year’s theme is “Human Centric Data Spaces – Powered by Interoperability”.

    Register now for SEMIC, the semantic interoperability conference on 8 December.

    More and more sectors are taking initiative to set up data spaces and create a single market for data. Semantic interoperability is the key enabler for data to flow between different sectors across the EU.

    ... mai multe

  • Explore the new tool and report by the Open Data Institute

    ‘Secondary use of health data’ refers to the use of health data that is aggregated across the population, collected through electronic health records, health insurance claims data and health registry data for instance, to improve personal care planning, medicines development, safety monitoring, research, and policymaking.

    How ready is your country for such use of health data? Find out in the new ... mai multe

  • This webinar provides tips and tricks on how to find geospatial data on data.europa.eu

    Recently, we launched the data.europa academy, a packed curriculum with free courses designed for you to learn what open data is and how to work with it.  

    We are happy to announce that the first webinar as part of the academy was a success! Part of the... mai multe

  • The first-ever EU Open Data Days open on 23 Nov.

    Missed your chance to register for the EU Open Data Days? Don’t worry, you can still join us by following the live-stream.

    On 23 November you will discover the challenges and benefits of reusing data and making it interoperable.

    On the second day, data visualisation is put in the spotlight. You will learn about how to use visualisations to communicate data efficiently and to... mai multe

  • The publication provides statistics for regions of the EU

    The Eurostat Regional Yearbook 2021 is out, which provides statistics on the people, economy, and environment for regions of the EU. Statistical information is an important tool for understanding and quantifying the... mai multe

  • Learn how open data supports the protection of our forests

    Did you join the UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) that took place over the last two weeks? This year marked the 26th edition, bringing together parties across the globe to take action towards the goals of... mai multe

  • PowerToYEUth aims to tackle youth unemployment

    'The teams behind the apps' is a series of videos made by the EU Datathon ... mai multe

  • Discover it in the new report by Timelex

    The digital economy has undergone many radical changes over the past few decades. One of the most significant changes is the move from an ownership-based economy to a service-based model.

    Traditionally, up until the late ‘90s, digital content was purchased on a physical medium – a floppy disk, CD or DVD. Legally, this purchase covered both the ownership of the physical... mai multe

  • Explore the virtual debating tool from Greece!

    'The teams behind the apps' is a series of videos made by the EU Datathon finalists. Get to know the people and their proposals for apps over nine episodes,... mai multe