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Data infrastructure for common challenges

The ODI explores how data access initiatives advance data landscapes

The Open Data Institute (ODI), an independent research company in the open data field, has recently devoted their attention to data infrastructures for a project called: “Data infrastructure for common challenges”.

Through a combination of desk and user research, this project examines how new data access initiatives build data infrastructures and help tackle a given challenge. Specifically, researchers examine how data access initiatives are designed and how they fit into the wider data landscape. Often times, they involves various actions, like stakeholder and ecosystem mapping, user research, and building data inventories.

The ODI concludes that the difficulty for most stakeholders developing data access initiatives lies not in knowing which data infrastructures exists, but rather how they can be accessed within the ecosystem. Therefore, more support in this domain is needed, along with support in getting in touch with, and engaging stakeholders from related fields.

Curious to learn more about supporting and building data inventories? Have a look at the full user needs report or check out the news piece on the project.

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