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EMAIV: A German application that exploits environmental data

EMAIV uses environmental data to monitor and analyse disaster sites and warn civilians

EMAIV, otherwise known as Analysis and Interactive Visualisation, is an application from the company Umwelt and Informationstechnologie Zentrum (UIZ) in Germany. The application is a user-friendly interface that serves as a Web-based GIS application to monitor, analyse and visualise environmental data such as water quality and ecological information over the Internet. More specifically, open environmental data is used to visualise water quality, geomorphological data, ecological information and metrological and hydrological data. EMAIV's framework is divided into three categories:

  1. The Monitoring System, which monitors disaster sites and gathers information on the environment.
  2. The Database, which manages real-time monitoring data, field investigation data, real-time user input data and base data.
  3. The Analysing and Warning System, which analyses monitoring data, understands the deviation from normal patterns of the potential disasters and releases disaster warning information to people.

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