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The European Commission proposes rules and actions for excellence and trust in AI

Combining a legal framework with a Coordinated Plan for Member States

On 21 April, the European Commission put forward new rules and actions designed to support Europe in becoming a global centre for trustworthy Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

By combining the first-ever legal framework on AI with a Coordinated Plan with Member States, Europe aims to safeguard the safety and rights of citizens, businesses, and organisations, and increase the uptake of AI and inspire investment and innovation across the European Union. The AI legislative framework sets a global standard of proportionate and flexible rules that take the risks that AI technologies pose into account. The Coordinated Plan provides the Member States with an initial plan for changes in policy and investment to establish Europe’s position as a secure, inclusive, and human-centric hub for AI. By doing so, AI systems can be further developed, policy insights can be shared, and the exchange and re-use of (open) data is encouraged.  

The Executive Vice-President for a Europe fit for the Digital Age, Margrethe Vestager stated: “On Artificial Intelligence, trust is a must, not a nice to have. With these landmark rules, the EU is spearheading the development of new global norms to make sure AI can be trusted. By setting the standards, we can pave the way to ethical technology worldwide and ensure that the EU remains competitive along the way. Future-proof and innovation-friendly, our rules will intervene where strictly needed: when the safety and fundamental rights of EU citizens are at stake.”

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