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Europe’s contribution to the world: Using open data for transparency

Increasing connection to other countries

To increase its voice in the world, the European Commission is taking an active role in international projects. As part of the strategic objective ‘A stronger Europe in the world’ outlined in the Political guidelines for the next European Commission 2019-2024, topics like food security, the EU-US trade, and the situation in Ukraine are addressed in a data-centric way. By focusing on external actions in a structured way, the Commission wants to take a coordinated approach to give Europe a stronger, more unified position in the world. 

As global events like the coronavirus or the food shortage have an impact on multiple areas in the world, the Commission also plays a global role in managing crises. The ‘Geopolitical Commission’ was set up for this priority in order to make contributions to these global problems and to promote freedom and democracy. 

The Commission shares the data behind each of the global topics that are addressed. This public data, which is accessible through the priority page, allows citizens to understand what the results of the EU’s involvement in such matters are. As an example, the Global Gateway shares that Team Europe aims to invest up to €300 billion in global infrastructure that leading to more jobs and growth for communities around the world.

Sharing data strengthens the connection between different countries worldwide. contains publicly available datasets about investment programmes of the European Institutions and the Member States, that are regularly updated for more transparency.

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