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Recap on “Data Sharing in Agriculture”

Daniel Azevedo from Copa Cogeca joining us for a Data Talks session

In December 2020, the team behind the Support Centre for Data Sharing and EDP were joined by Daniel Azevedo from Copa Cogeca, the strongest interest group for farmers in the EU, for the final Data Talks of the year.

In the field of agriculture, modern machinery has enabled more data to be collected and, as a result, high-tech solutions are becoming the norm. Farmers and their partners in the food production chain have been using, collecting, and interacting with data for a long time; however, more recently questions such as "who owns the data?", "what are the rights to the data?", and "how can farmers make use of data?" have risen.

Copa Cogeca was established in response to these questions, along with the fact that different parties and stakeholders have varying interpretations of what data actually is. The group helps create a clear dialogue between different actors, set up a common framework, and ensure interoperability. The code of conduct for agriculture that they put forward is a clear tool that enables farmers and cooperatives to know which data to share and how to do so. This is a huge step in the process of  sharing data and, as agriculture today is becoming more and more advanced technologically, crucial to ensure global food supply.

To learn more, listen to the recording and stay tuned for the next Data Talks episode!

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