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Sicily launches Open Data portal

Using the DCAT-AP standard

As already highlighted in the recent European Data Portal report on Open Data and Cities: not only national governments, but also cities and regions are progressing with regard to Open Data. This is now again underlined by the Italian region of Sicily, who just launched its new Open Data portal. The portal is the point of access for Open Data on the areas of activity of the regional public administrations in Sicily. It is API accessible and currently features 21 datasets, but this is expected to grow in the near future.

The Open Data Portal of the Region of Sicily uses the national metadata profile DCAT-AP_IT v1.0. The portal is based on CKAN, and implemented and maintained by the Office for the Coordination of Regional Information Systems and the IT activities of the Region, with the support of AgID and Formez PA. For suggestions and proposals, users are invited to contact

Would you like to know more about this new initiative? Visit the Open Data portal and find out!

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