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Smart City innovations in Finland

Helsinki develops smart city platform

Nearly all major cities in the world are exploring and investing in their digital transformation to become more connected, technologically advanced and smarter. With a number of already well known Smart Cities initiatives such as Helsinki Region Infoshare or 6Aika the Finnish capital is on the forefront of the transformation into a smart city. What sets out the developments and innovation in this city is that they not only integrate smart technologies but also share these technologies, offering a platform for new ones to flourish.

As can be read in the article of ReadWrite, Helsinki does so via the BIoTope environment. This EU-funded initiative lays the foundation for open innovation ecosystems, which allows companies to make use of connected smart IoT objects. By providing standardised open APIs, the existing information flows in a smart city can communicate and consume each other's data across multiple platforms. Bringing together the existing Open Data sources with data from diverse smart objects, both streams become more valuable and offer a more fertile soil for innovation. Having brought together the heterogeneous information streams for exploration, the ecosystem has already created a number of innovations in Helsinki. These vary from smart meter tools to automated garbage collection networks to driverless vehicles.

With the comprehensive and inclusive approach of Helsinki to Smart City innovations and possibilities, the city has set itself once more at the forefront of the development. It shows that by sharing data and making it possible to combine with other sources, data can be made more valuable and innovation can thrive

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