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Аналитични доклади Principles and recommendations to make data.europa.eu data more reusable: A strategy mapping report Europe 2022
Аналитични доклади Data.europa.eu and the European common data spaces: A report on challenges and opportunities Europe 2022
Аналитични доклади Data.europa.eu and citizen-generated data: Opportunities and challenges associated to the inclusion of citizen-generated data in data.europa.eu Europe 2022
Аналитични доклади Open data best practices in Europe: Estonia, Slovenia and Ukraine Europe, Estonia, Slovenia, Ukraine 2022
Аналитични доклади Measuring data demand within the public sector Europe 2021
Аналитични доклади Data sharing as a service: will data services remove intellectual property rights from the picture, and at what cost? Europe 2021
Аналитични доклади Report 20: Copernicus data for the open data community Europe 2021
Обширни проучвания Open Data Maturity in Europe n6 - 2020 Europe 2020
Аналитични доклади Report 17: From Regulation to Adoption: The Drivers of Data Sharing Europe 2020
Обширни проучвания Sustainability of (Open) Data Portal Infrastructures - 6: A Distributed Version Control Approach to Creating Portals for Reuse Europe 2020