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Italy, discoverability in practice

Data discoverability is one of the main tasks, next to availability and interoperability, that public policy makers and implementers should take into due consideration in order to foster access, use and re-use of public sector information (PSI), particularly in case of open data. Users shall be enabled to easily search and find data they need for the most different purposes. That is clearly highlighted in the introduction statements of the INSPIRE Directive, where we can read that “The loss of time and resources in searching for existing (spatial) data or establishing whether they may be used

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  • Regionen & Städte
Citizen Journey is an app designed to give young people access to EU information, knowledge and help understand the impact of the EU cohesion policies on social, economical and environment domains. Europe is shown as a playground that the user can explore. Simply tap on a colour to get to know information about following topics: sustainability (green), geography (pink), demography (blue) and economy (red).
  • Wirtschaft & Finanzen
Bilancio Aperto (Open Budget) makes state budget information accessible to the public, thereby increasing transparency of government spending and improving accountability. The application is designed for civil servants, parliamentarians, and citizens and provides access to revenues, expenses, balances, statement of accounts, the current budget, and budget laws.
  • Umwelt & Klima
OpeNoise is an application for mobile devices measuring real-time noise levels. The application provides current statistics and visualises the data through a variety of charts. Beyond the measurement of the sound level (dB), OpeNoise also records and visualises the sound’s frequency composition.

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  • Analytische Berichte
  • Europe
  • 2023

Improving data publishing by open data portal managers and owners

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  • Analytische Berichte
  • Europe
  • 2022

Open data best practices in Europe: Estonia, Slovenia and Ukraine

(2.05 MB - PDF)
  • Analytische Berichte
  • Europe
  • 2021

Data sharing as a service: will data services remove intellectual property rights from the picture, and at what cost?

(0.39 MB - PDF)
  • Berichte der Community offener Daten
  • Europe
  • 2017

ePSI platform scoreboard

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  • Berichte der Community offener Daten
  • Europe
  • 2017

ePSI Platform PSI Scoreboard

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Learn about the key highlights of the European State of Union address

On 13 September 2023, the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen outlined past achievements and future ambitions for Europe in her State of Union address. This address marked the final one for the current Commission before the European elections in 2024, providing Von der Leyen with an opportunity to highlight the achievements of the past years in her speech. Europe continues to pursue its climate ambitions, with the European Green Deal being one of its flagship initiatives. “Food security, in harmony with nature, remains an essential task”. Von der Leyen mentioned in her
Learn about the key highlights of the European State of Union address

Think20 policy brief on Open Government Data

The recently published policy brief by Think20, titled ‘Open Data as Backbone of Digital Public Infrastructure: Prioritising High-Value Datasets for Effective Governance’ proposes a shared G20 Open Government Data (OGD) commitment to further improve the Digital Public Infrastructure. Based on empirical evidence and legislations, the brief lays down an action plan for the implementation of this shared commitment. Think20 is an official Engagement Group of the G20 bringing together think tanks and experts to discuss policy issues. Open Government Data (OGD) is vital for improving the Digital
Think20 policy brief on Open Government Data

Sign up for the data.europa academy webinar ‘Open Data Maturity 2022: Diving deeper into the policy dimension’

On Friday 29 September 2023 from 10.00 to 11.30 CET, the data.europa academy will host a webinar focusing on the policy dimension following the Open Data Maturity (ODM) report 2022. This is the fourth webinar in a series of webinars on the ODM report 2022. The first webinar, that took place on 10 February 2023, introduced the Open Data Maturity assessment, provided insights into the level of maturity of the 35 participating countries in Europe and presented the main trends. During this webinar, the four dimensions of ODM were introduced: quality, portal, policy and impact. The second webinar
data.europa academy webinar ‘Open Data Maturity 2022: Diving deeper into the policy dimension’

Are you a student or academic? Sign up for the workshop ‘How to use open data for your research’

On Thursday 19 October from 10.00 to 12.00 CET, will host its first workshop series on ‘How to use open data for your research’. This series, designed for students and academics is also open to anyone interested. The goal is to showcase the relevance and importance of open data for academic purposes. During this workshop, you will learn how to use open data from our portal for research and get examples from universities that have already embraced open data in their daily operations. The workshop will start with an introduction by the Publications Office of the EU on open data
data.europa academy workshop ‘How to use open data for your research’