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Geospatial harvesting on

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Geospatial data includes properties or conditions that are linked to a position on earth. Looking at the geospatial context – the ´where` of a phenomenon – will often uncover interesting correlations or revelations. 

One important feature of is to facilitate the discovery and access to open geospatial data sources. This is done by a process called ´geo-harvesting` of metadata from international, national, regional, or thematic geo-catalogues. harvests such metadata from other open data portals and geoportals in Europe providing a single point of access to over 1 million datasets. 


This webinar will introduce the geospatial data that can be found on and explain the geo-harvesting process. The speakers will closely examine one geospatial dataset on and explore the journey of its metadata from the originating geo-catalogue to the portal. 

Topics to be covered: 

  • What kind of geospatial data is available via 

  • Where does the geospatial data found on come from? 

  • What does metadata for geospatial data or services cover? 

  • How does the geo-harvesting process work? 


To participate, please register via this link.