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Celebrating International Day of Education!

Learn about EU’s focus on education during the European Year of Skills 2023

This year the International Day of Education will be celebrated on the 24 January 2023. It is imperative to note that only education and upskilling the EU citizens will help achieve the set targets for the ‘European Year of Skills 2023’ and make the vision for digital transformation in Europe come true. Education can shape the employment landscape and aid in the overall development of the EU. 

Currently, many European companies are experiencing a significant skill gap and facing challenges in finding expert workers. About 3% of all available jobs are unfilled and 44% of EU citizens lack basic digital skills.

To overcome these gaps, the EU is launching several initiatives to close the skills gap. The European Commission aims to provide 80% of EU adults with basic digital skills by 2030. In support of this ambition, the European Skills Agenda is dedicated to improving relevant skills supporting the green and digital transitions. Several EU funding programmes, such as the Digital Europe Programme,  play a major role in supporting education, especially in digital upskilling and re-skilling. With the Digital Education Action plan, the EU has set out a common vision of high-quality, inclusive, and accessible digital education in Europe. This includes a European Digital Education Hub to strengthen the cooperation and exchange in digital education at EU level. Furthermore, the Digital Skills and Job Coalition brings together various stakeholders to raise awareness on the importance of digital education.

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