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Part 2 of the series: Functionalities of the portal

In April this year, the EU Open Data Portal and the European Data Portal consolidated into one service providing access to European data under the name of This portal, brought to you by the Publications Office of the European Union, provides access to public data resources from EU institutions and agencies, EU Member States, and other European countries. Currently, you can find over 1 million datasets, from 36 countries, along 13 thematic categories on 

If you are a data scientist or developer, the portal can help you: 

  • find data to build and develop innovative products and services, 
  • become inspired to create data-driven solutions as seen in the news, data stories, events, and use cases
  • feel empowered to start using open data and reap the benefits, and 
  • connect with others in the field to exchange knowledge and best practices. 

Curious to know which content is out there on the portal? Find:  

You can also contribute to by creating applications and data-driven solutions, or analysing data that is published on the portal. We are always curious to know what you created, so share your story with us! If you are looking for inspiration, have a look at innovative open data solutions created for the EU Datathon.

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