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Welcome to the European Data Portal’s eLearning programme. Our online content gives you a simple, clear introduction to open data and helps you deliver training on the basics of open data and provides you with supporting materials to suit your needs

The eLearning programme introduces you to every aspect of open data. You will learn about definitions related to the concept and read success stories from across Europe. We introduce the major trends in open data, explain how people publish, access, and use it. Finally, we highlight the future of open data and get you thinking about the next steps for your own work.

Below you will find a list of 16 short training sessions designed for anyone to discover more about open data. The sessions correspond to the 16 eLearning modules designed by the EDP. Each session covers a different aspect of open data training. The sessions suit all levels from a complete newcomer to an expert.

For best results, complete all 16 modules following their order for a solid grounding in all aspects of open data. Or, if you prefer to pick a specific topic, feel free to proceed straight to this module.

Using our training materials

The European Data Portal offers no endorsement for your use of the training materials contained herein. Any use of the materials is at the discretion of the individual trainer and should not be represented as the views or position of the European Commission, the European Data Portal or the partner institutions involved in the creation of the portal.