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Learn about the key highlights of the webinar ‘Stories of use cases: Open data to make Europe fit for the digital age’

Explore open data-driven initiatives to make Europe fit for the digital age as presented in the latest data.europa academy webinar

On Friday 30 June 2023 from 10.00 to 11.30 CET, the data.europa academy hosted the fourth and final webinar of the webinar series ‘Stories of Use cases’. The series focused on EU political priorities and the potential of open data in achieving strategic priorities and addressing societal, economic and governmental issues. Previous data.europa academy webinars in this series highlighted the European Green Deal, a new push for European democracy, and promoting a European way of life and an economy that works for all people.

The final session presented how open data supports Europe in empowering people with a new generation of technologies and making Europe fit for the digital age. The session started with an introduction to this EU political priority followed by three presentations from representatives of use cases. First, the Big Data Test Infrastructure explained their ready-to-use, free of charge, analytics platform which supports European public administrations to reuse public sector data by experimenting with open-source tools.

Secondly, 100 Europeans presented their app, which translates Europe’s biggest problems into relatable data stories, envisioning Europe as a community of 100 people. The third use case, Lobium/Gavagai, presented their app making it easier for journalists to investigate legislative arenas in a faster and better way. At the end of the webinar, an interactive discussion was held to ask questions to the speakers.  For example, a question was asked on possible improvements for public administrations to support these initiatives.

To learn more about the insights from this webinar, you can watch the recording and consult the slides on data.europa academy.

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