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Powering the European digital transition

Join Cedefop’s Conference on digitalisation and skill mismatches in Europe

Between the 9 and 14 December the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (Cedefop) will host a four-day virtual conference on ‘Powering the European digital transition – What can we learn from Cedefop´s 2nd European skills and jobs survey?’.

The conference will focus on the main findings of Cedefop´s second European skills and jobs survey (ESJS2). The survey sampled about 46000 adult workers, collecting information on how digitalisation affects them, whether their skills match their job requirements, and the extent to which they are ready to invest in vocational training to adapt to technological change.

During the conference, the key findings from this survey will be explored to highlight the implications of digitalisation for skill mismatch and showcase good practices of vocational education and training. In addition, the conference will launch the new Cedefop ESJS2 indicator online web tool and serve as forum to collect participants´ feedback and policy ideas.

Several policymakers, skills and labour experts, as well as researchers will speak at the event. Among these, there will also be Sir Christopher Pissarides, Nobel Prize laureate in Economics in 2010, and Nicolas Schmit,  European Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights.

As 2023, the European Year of Skills, is approaching, Cedefop aims to stimulate evidence-informed debates on how to shape a human digital transition in Europe. At data.europa.eu we also strive to support a data-driven future and digitally skilled labour market. Discover how we support the development of data literacy and skills in our latest data story on the topic: Towards 2023: The European Year of Skills.

To know more about powering the European digital transition conference 2022, consult the agenda of the event and register online.

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