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Recap of 2022 and outlook academy 2023

Look back at our webinars held in 2022 and look out for the upcoming data.europa academy webinars in 2023!

This is the second news piece in a series of three that will recap on the year 2022 and provide an outlook of what is to come in 2023. This release specifically focusses on the successes of the data.europa academy this year.

In 2022, data.europa academy hosted 16 webinars on a broad range of topics. This included webinars in line with the main themes surrounding open data. The webinars on data and metadata quality, understanding open data: legal openness, and measuring open data impact in Europe aligned with the technical, legal and impact themes respectively. The public webinars are available on the data.europa academy with complementing material such as the slide decks and recordings. Webinars for the public often relate to publications of reports or studies on and dive deeper into their content. The webinars also allow the audience to interact directly with our team and pose their questions on specific topics to the team. Examples of these include a webinar on citizen-generated data on, the role of the in the context of the EU data spaces, and trends in geospatial data.

In 2023, will see a restructuring of the academy. Moreover, there are multiple webinars to look forward to in the coming year. For instance, on 27 January there will be a webinar on competition law, following the publication on the topic.  Another example is the Open Data Maturity 2022 report webinar which will take place in the first half of February and focus on the results of the assessment and give the audience a chance to ask their questions about the report directly to its authors. Stay tuned for more information on these webinars by checking our website and follow us on social media!

Aware of any upcoming events or open data trends that we should cover in the webinars in 2023? Share your thoughts and experiences with us via Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.