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Unveiling the impact of open data: Insights from the Use Case Observatory

The second volume on open data reuse cases over 3 years

The Use Case Observatory, an initiative led by data.europa.eu, serves as comprehensive research aimed at evaluating the impact of open data across Europe between 2022 and 2025. This project focuses on analysing 30 reuse cases and aims to contribute with valuable insights to the broader goals of data.europa.eu while shedding light on the challenges and successes of open data reuse and impact assessment methodologies.

Expanding on the findings from the first volume, this second volume selected 13 reuse cases out of the initial 30 and categorised them according to the four dimensions of open data impact, used in the Open Data Maturity studies: economic, governmental, social and environmental. These cases were then closely monitored to evaluate how open data creates impact across different sectors. 

The learnings are varied and insightful. Not only these cases demonstrate how open data facilitates economic development, job creation, and entrepreneurship, but they also underscore the role of open data in enhancing decision-making, transparency, and accountability in political processes. On the social dimension, the use of open data improves public health, fosters inclusivity, and enhances public services. Finally, the use cases show open data’s impact on the environment, contributing to address environmental challenges and support conservation efforts.

While the second volume of the Use Case Observatory highlights the significant role of open data reuse in the creation of numerous organisations and applications, it also stresses the importance of unlocking even greater potential impact across various sectors. This entails providing continuous support to the reuse community to identify opportunities for financial growth and fostering a deeper understanding of how to effectively create and measure the impact of open data.

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