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  • Discover open data on solar energy and its applications on the European Data Portal.

    Open solar energy data

    Open energy data is one of the European Data Portal’s (EDP) most popular data domains due to its impact on the energy sector, for example. Within this data category, the EDP has a fair amount of open solar energy data.

    Solar energy is light and heat from the sun that can be harnessed and used for technologies such as solar heating, photovoltaics, solar thermal energy,… more

  • This is the first piece in a series about the “Sustainability of (Open) Data Portal Infrastructures” reports. In this highlight, the focus is on “Measuring Use and Impacts of Portals”

    Sustainability of (Open) Data Portals Infrastructures reports

    On 6 July 2020, the European Data Portal (EDP) published a series of six reports (plus an executive summary and overview) around the sustainability of (open) data portal infrastructures. The reports tackle several dimensions of the topic, and are:

  • Lessons learned from INSPIRE for the implementation of High Value Datasets

    The European Data Portal (EDP) facilitated an online workshop on “High value datasets: What are the lessons learned from INSPIRE?”. The online workshop started with an introduction to high value datasets (HVDs). We then moved on to an interactive part during which the 177 participants could contribute their thoughts… more

  • Learning from the top performing countries in terms of open data maturity from 2019

    Open Data Maturity in Europe

    The European Data Portal (EDP) conducts an annual benchmark assessment of the current state of open data in the European Union countries and Europe in general. The latest Open Data Maturity Report (2019) covered the Member States and the EFTA countries (… more

  • Discover how countries across Europe use open data in the EDP’s new Country Insights page

    European Data Portal v3.0

    In March 2020, the European Data Portal (EDP) launched version 3.0 of the website. Several new features were introduced in this version update, including:

    • A new user interface for easier navigation;
    • A new enhanced EDP home page that better balances the editorial content and dataset focus /… more
  • A data gap between rural and urban areas remains, but investing in smart regions can bridge this gap

    The rural data gap and the digital divide

    The division between rural and urban areas is not new. Citizens in rural areas were one of the last places to receive good electricity and phone service in the early 1900s. The government then ensured these facilities as it considered electricity and phone services essential. Currently, many homes in rural areas struggle to get a stable and reliable internet connection. Several… more

  • Open data insights can improve decision-making regarding food production, use of resources and reducing pollution

    The European Union has made the decision to move away from the traditional economic model (take-make-consume-waste), which thrived during the industrial revolution, to the circular economic model in 2015. The… more

  • COVID-19
    An overview of COVID-19 and the available open datasets on the European Data Portal and beyond

    Coronavirus and COVID-19

    Coronaviruses are a specific subset of virus with a unique set of characteristics. COVID-19 is the name caused by a specific strain of the coronavirus and is the seventh identified coronavirus.

    It was first reported in December 2019 in Wuhan City, China. Since the… more

  • Celebrating the 10th Open Data Day around the world

    Open Data Day 2020
    This year, the 10th anniversary of the Open Data Day was celebrated by the international open data community on 7 March 2020.

    Open Data Day is an international annual event where data enthusiasts gather to connect and build new solutions to complex social issues by using open data. The event aims to show the benefits of open data (such as an increase in efficiency, transparency,… more

  • Discover more about Copernicus and INSPIRE and their work with geospatial and Earth Observation data

    Geospatial data

    Geospatial data and information management is part of various fields, thematic areas, initiatives, and programmes within the European Union (EU). As such, the European Commission’s (EC) approach towards geospatial and Earth Observation data are diverse and several activities are recognisable. For example, in:

    • Standardisation bodies such as… more