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  • Regions & Cities
Citizen Journey is an app designed to give young people access to EU information, knowledge and help understand the impact of the EU cohesion policies on social, economical and environment domains. Europe is shown as a playground that the user can explore. Simply tap on a colour to get to know information about following topics: sustainability (green), geography (pink), demography (blue) and economy (red).
  • Economy & Finance
The segment of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) has been severely hit by the COVID 19 pandemic. As Europe sets out for economic recovery, the survival of SMEs is essential. The FinLine app will help SMEs assess their financial viability and provide free customised advice for suitable grants and investment options. Also, it will provide a tool for building a community willing to share financial and technical advice as well as people’s skills during the post COVID 19 recovery.
  • Science & Technology
Nologin Consulting is a company that collaborates with other businesses around the world to store, manage, organize, protect and maintain their client ´s information It specializes in Cloud, Cybersecurity, Identity and Datacenter projects.
  • Health
Terraincure is a Lithuanian initiative that maps out hiking routes, suited for patients recovering from COVID-19, in clean environments worldwide. Around 30% of recovered COVID-19 patients are subsequently diagnosed with respiratory disorders and 10% with circulatory disorders, and other 10% of asymptomatic patients experience long-term effects. By walking on rough terrain with gradual increases in distance and elevation, ideally in an environment unaffected by pollution, the circulatory and respiratory system can be rehabilitated and strengthened.
  • Science & Technology
Ártabro Tech is a technology consulting company that helps companies with data treatment and in using artificial intelligence. Ártabro offers products such as Ártabro Tender for monitoring public competition tenders, or tools for technological surveillance including automatic text tagging, natural language processing, as well as various customised consulting services for Industry 4.0 and business intelligence solutions.
  • Economy & Finance
Bilancio Aperto (Open Budget) makes state budget information accessible to the public, thereby increasing transparency of government spending and improving accountability. The application is designed for civil servants, parliamentarians, and citizens and provides access to revenues, expenses, balances, statement of accounts, the current budget, and budget laws.
  • Environment
IrCELine is an air quality checker for Belgium. The website provides actual figures as well as forecasts of the levels of nitrogen-dioxide, and particulate matter (PM2.5 and PM10). In addition, a map overview classifies the current levels as very good, good, poor, or bad.
  • Environment combines urban tree datasets from over 150 cities across the globe and is the largest database of municipal street and park trees. The data is provided by local governments and helps them guide choices of what to plant next, manage risk of branches falling, and manage pruning, watering and inspection schedules.
  • Environment
The Barcelona Waste Map is an interactive map showing the location of oil recycling bins in the city. This helps citizens to locate them, dispose of their litter at the allocated containers, and keep the city clean. The website in created with OpenStreetMap and Carto. This is one example of a private individual who has created several maps for cities in Spain, most of which visualise population data.
  • Regions & Cities is the regional platform for publishing open data and sharing data and services in the Brussels region. This platform is designed for data producers and users and facilitates and promotes the re-use of data and services. Users of are free to browse the portal, search, and consult the various data and web services.