Recording of data.europa academy’s webinar on real-time data is now online |
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Recording of data.europa academy’s webinar on real-time data is now online

Helping people and saving lives with dynamic datasets

Countless users rely on real-time data to understand whether it will rain in the next 30 minutes or to check gasoline prices before filling their cars on the way to work. These dynamic datasets can even save lives, such as with weather and flood warnings.

On 5 April 2022, the data.europa academy hosted a webinar on real-time data to explain how the site handles numerous real-time data sets. Our presenters Antje Kügeler and Simon Jirka helped participants to understand:

  • what is real-time data;
  • the different types of real-time data that are available on;
  • the necessary technology to take advantage of real-time data; and
  • the standards regarding real-time data and the added value.

The presentation was followed by a discussion during which participants shared their ideas on relevant technologies, future requirements and which real-time data sources should be further investigated for

A full version of the webinar is available on YouTube. More information about the webinar, including the slides of the session, can be found in the dedicated course on the data.europa academy.

We would also be happy to hear about real-time datasets that you would want explored further, so please feel free to contact us.

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