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Register for the third webinar for data providers

In this webinar, our experts will explain how to ensure that our data is legally open

In order to unleash its full potential, data needs to be legally open. What does this openness entail from a legal perspective and how can legal openness be optimally achieved? These will be some of the driving questions of our third webinar for data providers ´Understanding open data: legal openness`, which will take place on Friday, 18 November at 10.00 – 11.30 CET.

Organisations and governments use open data licenses to explain the conditions under which their data can be used. Data owners need to take decisions regarding legal openness of their data when making it available to the public.  This webinar will aim to explain how to identify the pieces of information that can be reused according to licensing and data protection rules, and learning on best practices from the public sector.  

During the session, both the national and EU legal perspective will be covered by our two experts in the field: 

  • Hans Graux, lawyer at the law firm TimeLex and
  • Jean Paul Triaille, legal officer at the Intellectual Property Service of the European Commission

Would you like to participate? Please register via this registration form.

This webinar is the third of a series of trainings aimed to support data providers in the data publishing process. For more information about the upcoming webinars, visit data.europa academy’s ‘Learning corner for data providers’ and follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, or subscribe to our newsletter.

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