Discover P-route: a Dutch bike parking application |
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An tairseach oifigiúil um shonraí Eorpacha

Discover P-route: a Dutch bike parking application

The application shows up-to-date information on available space in bike parking facilities in the City of Utrecht.

P-route is a Dutch application that was launched in 2015. The application is part of a broader digital system in the City of Utrecht that guides cyclists in finding a parking space for their bike. Cyclists are informed on the number of available spots in bike parking facilities in two ways: through digital signs on the street and through the application. Both the signs on the street as well as the application provide real-time information on space availability. To provide this kind of information, P-route uses, among others, open data from sensors that capture if parking spaces are occupied or not. In addition, the software is used to predict when parking facilities will be full. Besides showing the real-time information on space availability, the application shows information on distances to bike parking facilities and routes to get there.

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