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The Louvre museum online collection

The Louvre museum publishes high resolution images of artworks with English descriptions through the online Atlas database

The online collection of the Louvre museum comprises high-resolution pictures and scans of artworks. The Atlas database covers some 30,000 objects on display in the museum. Through the database, artworks are more easily accessible for the broader public as people can see images of artworks and read English descriptions online. Users can search items through keywords, departments, rooms, and recent acquisitions. The following are available online:

  • Near eastern antiquities (some 3,500 artworks)
  • Islamic art (some 1,120 artworks)
  • Egyptian antiquities (some 3,000 artworks)
  • Greek, Etruscan, and Roman antiquities (some 4,000 artworks)
  • Decorative arts (some 5,500 artworks)
  • Sculptures (some 1,500 artworks)
  • Paintings (some 3,300 artworks)
  • Prints and drawings (some 80 artworks)

Users can find these artworks and the explanatory texts that are usually shown in the museum exhibits, compiled under the authority of the museum curators, in the online collection of the Louvre museum. The continuously updated database of the Louvre is one of a growing number of online collections of artworks using cultural open data.

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