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Digicampus and data

Digicampus – a new initiative by the Dutch government stimulating technological development – celebrates its one-year anniversary.

The Digicampus is an organisation focused on developing the public sector of the future celebrating its one-year anniversary on 3 July 2020. The Digicampus includes the Dutch government, businesses, academics, and citizens to develop new innovative plans. The organisation is located in Delft close to the Delft University of Technology.

The goals of Digicampus are to:

  1. Promote digital inclusion and giving citizens a voice through a digital identity
  2. Improve the interaction between businesses and citizens with the government
  3. Make the government a data partner

Visitors of the Digicampus website can also contribute to a solution or check the progress on these topics through various provided channels. For example, through the Self-Sovereign Identity Github, biometrics, and an Artificial Intelligence workbench.

The Digicampus provides blogs and games on their website, which they refer to as their method to reach above mentioned goals and community engagement.

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