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European Data Portal releases new version of the website

Discover updates to the EDP website!

The European Data Portal (EDP) beta version was launched in November 2015. Since then, the website got a fresh look several times already, for the last time on 6 March 2020 when the EDP launched version 3.0 of the website.

Examples of what the new version of the EDP includes are:

  • A new user interfaces for easier navigation.
  • A new and enhanced EDP Home Page that better balances the editorial content and dataset focus/content.
  • A Country Insights page that enables users to filter content per country.
  • The development and implementation of an API for editorial content, covering use cases, news items, events, etc.
  • Ongoing harvesting of portal sources, including non-geo and geo portals, and maintaining existing harvesters.

Previous enhancements and extensions of the EDP website included:

  • The development of an API for editorial content (e.g. the EDP use cases, news items, and events).
  • A focus on linked metadata (interlinking metadata sets).
  • Enhancing graphical data visualisations and the geo-spatial visualisation services such as city level base maps that are provided by Eurostat.
  • Enhancements of the MQA with the use of W3C Data Quality Vocabulary (DQV), introducing a scoring metric and enhancing catalogue reports.
  • Implementing a full DCAT-AP native metadata catalogue that makes it easier for users to search for data.
  • Implementing a data storage so that datasets can be discoverable on the EDP and data can be stored.

Looking for more open data related news and datasets? Visit the EDP news archive and datasets page and follow us on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

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