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Invitation to PSI Alliance roundtable

A regulatory environment for PSI growth

On 10 May 2017, the Public Sector Information (PSI) Alliance will host its annual roundtable in Brussels to discuss how companies can contribute to a regulatory environment that encourages PSI growth. The PSI Alliance was established in order to encourage the public sector to maintain a trading environment that is fair and equitable, in particular in relation to the licensing and re-use of public sector information. It does this through:

  • campaigning for proper implementation of the PSI Directive
  • campaigning for better regulation of the PSI market
  • sharing best practice and information amongst PSI re-users

With contributions from members and invited guests, the PSI Alliance will discuss a regulatory model that enables PSI re-users to grow to their potential, present an inventory of practical examples of barriers faced by re-users despite the implemented PSI Directive, and a discussion on the challenges and opportunities faced by re-users in the ePrivacy legislation that is being revised.

Would you like to participate in this event? Click here to see the latest agenda and to register - places are limited.

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