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Meet the EU Datathon finalists!

Challenge 2: An economy that works for people

EU Datathon is an annual competition organised by the Publications Office of the EU. It invites people from all around the world to build applications based on EU open data. This year nine teams have been shortlisted to compete in the finals.

In a previous news piece, we introduced the challenge 1 teams, here we present the three finalist teams for challenge 2: An economy that works for people. Individuals and businesses in the EU can only thrive if the economy works for them. The applications for this challenge all push European economies to grow, whilst reducing poverty and inequality. 

Meet the three finalist teams for challenge 2 of the EU Datathon 2021.

This open data application from Ukraine collects, processes, and analyses real estate and quality of life data. If you are a citizen, this app can help you decide where to live or whether to move through visualisations that compare cost and quality of life of European cities and regions. If you are a real estate professional or work for a government body, CityScale provides you with accurate and up-to-date information that help guide decision-making. 

This Italian application helps young people (specifically women aged 15 – 32) find exchange experiences in Europe. Are you one of them? On the portal, you can indicate your field of study, the languages you speak, and your budget, among others. This information is then matched to specific European areas and regions. This way, ITER IDEA aims to fight youth unemployment and connect you to opportunities abroad.

This application from Portugal targets small and medium enterprises and aims to tackle youth employment. By showing the regions with the high levels of youth unemployment and highlighting the benefits of hiring young people for SMEs, this can be achieved. If you are looking for a job, the application can help you find and make use of EU funds to your advantage and get in touch with start-up incubators in your region.

Now the teams have a few months to work on their applications. They will pitch them to the jury at the finals of the competition in November, during the first-ever EU Open Data Days. 

Curious to learn more? Discover all teams and apps via the EU Datathon website and follow updates on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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