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Rennes launches new Open Data portal

Open Data in a simpler and more accessible design

In 2010, the city of Rennes was one of the first cities in France to launch an Open Data portal. Within the six years the portal has been live, the Open Data made available on it has been used in numerous ways. For example by developers who have transformed the information about bus schedules, parking availability or the location of the 'vélo star' bikes into useful applications. While the usage of Open Data has grown considerably over the six years, the design of the portal remained the same. In order to bring the Open Data portal in line with the latest fashion and possibilities, it therefore received an update on its design and interface.

With the updated design, the portal has become easier to use for both developers and for people without a technical background. While the initial site had been designed from the perspective of specialist using the then novelty Open Data, in the new design attention is also paid to parties with a different background. With this design update, the nearly 200 datasets on numerous subjects offered by the portal can now be used and discovered by a broader audience. In combination with the recent legislative developments in France which makes the release of Open Data mandatory for many institutions, the number of datasets is expected to grow in the near future.

Do you want to get to know more about the new interface of the portal or explore the Open Data of Rennes yourself? Find out by following the link below.

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