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What is the current status of Open Data?

New report by the Internet Foundation in Sweden

What's the status of the various Open Data initiatives, in the world and within Sweden? To explore this question the Internet Foundation Sweden presented a new report. In this report, the author explores what the leading countries such as the UK, Denmark and Finland are doing with Open Data, but also examines the initiatives found within Sweden. These examples are put in the context of among others the Swedish PSI Act, DCAT-AP and the Swedish authorities involved with Open Data. It furthermore takes a look at the different events which will and have been organised to spread the Open Data or knowledge.

While providing a broad overview of the status of Open Data in the world, Sweden in particular, the report also holds recommendations or questions around Open Data policies. For example, how to publish data when part of the information is bought by the authority. Want to know more about the status of Open Data in the world but in particular Sweden? The whole report (in Swedish) is available by following the link below.

Read more: https://www.datahotell.se/blogg/oppna-data-en-omvarldsanalys-med-nulagesstatus/

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