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European data
Oficiálny portál pre údaje o Európe

About data.europa.eu

The portal provides access to open data from international, EU, national, regional, local and geo data portals. It replaces the EU Open Data Portal and the European Data Portal. 

The portal addresses the whole data value chain, from data publishing to data reuse. 

Going beyond collecting metadata (data about data), the strategic objective of the portal is to improve accessibility and increase the value of open data. 

  • Accessibility. How can users access this information? Where can they find it? How can it be made available in the first place? In domains, across domains, across countries? In what language? 
  • Value. What is the purpose of the data and what are the economic, societal and/or democratic gains? What format will the data be published in? What is the critical mass? 


Sections of the portal 

  • Searching data. Here users can find datasets across categories from many different data portals.  
  • Providing data. This section helps users to understand open data from the perspective of a data provider. There are also instructions for those who wish their data portal to be harvested by the portal. 
  • Using data. This section provides details on how open data is being used, as well as its economic benefits. 
  • Training and library. Here users will find eLearning modules about open data as well as training guides and a knowledge base referencing publications around open data. 


The portal collects the metadata of public data made available across Europe. The data catalogues of origin may contain datasets with errors. 

The service will assess these errors and communicate them back to the owners of the catalogues. This will contribute to improving the quality of the metadata and data available throughout Europe. 

The metadata contains the information made available with the dataset by the initial publisher. Different licences or absence of licences may occur, and re-users are invited to check with the owners/publishers of the data what terms and conditions apply to the reuse of the data.