Asedie concludes their 10th International Conference |
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Asedie concludes their 10th International Conference

Two awards given at the end of the Conference

Since 2009, the International Conference on the Reuse of Public Sector Information has aimed to serve as a platform for people involved in the Information and Data Community to share their knowledge and experiences.

On October 23, Asedie held its 10th International Conference in Madrid at the Spanish Data Protection Agency. The panel consisted of a group of experts that discussed the importance of the Infomediary Sector, its evolution in the past decade and the different regulations that affect this sector. The objectives of this conference were to:

  1. Strengthen the relationship and collaboration between the public and private sectors.
  2. Combine the resources of the public and private sectors to make data more open.
  3. Ensure access to Open Data and the re-use of Open Data where possible.
  4. Create a more transparent society with a richer and more stable Information and Data Community.

At the end of the Conference, two awards were given. One, the Asedie Award 2018, an award given to those who stand out for their work or contribution to the innovation and development of the Infomediary Sector, was given to the Interoperable Information Structure (EI2A), Government of Aragon. The second was in commemoration of the 10th edition of the Conference for special recognition to the trajectory and evolution in opening data. This was given to the Spanish National Geographic Institute.

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