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Big Data for the Common Good

How can Data be leveraged to serve the people?

The Frankfurt Big Data Lab and are working together with the Centre for Entrepreneurship & Technology (CET) at UC Berkeley for the creation of project proposals for 'Big Data for the Common Good'. The aim of this corporation is to stimulate and support the creation of 'Collider' projects in this theme to be submitted at the CET. If selected, these projects will be implemented within the CET Collider context.

The concept of a Collider is a place where students, researchers, investors, entrepreneurs and industry leaders can "collide" to create unexpected outcomes. These unexpected outcomes can lead to valuable skills for emerging industry sectors, new ventures of entrepreneurship, employment opportunities or research driven commercialisation and opportunities for societal impact.

The first Collider project within the corporation 'Big Data for the Common Good' was the Geisinger Health Collider. During this project, the participants were given access to aggregated medical records to explore possibilities for the health sector. The winning team took on this challenge by combining the dataset with publicly available Open Data on pollution and the weather to develop a model. With this model they could help predict undiagnosed pulmonary diseases (COPD).

Do you also want to leverage the potential of Big or Open Data to create a societal impact? Read more about this cooperation, what has already been done or how to contribute by following the link below.


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